zondag 3 november 2013

Special Edition of Uturn, now available

Interesting for drummers and enthousiasts!

When Uturn was released, I did a whole bunch of promo gigs and clinics/workshops in the UK, Germany and Holland. I made a booklet with excercices and had a set of minus-one mixes of a couple tracks from the album to play along to.
This special package of the U-turn album is now available as digital download.
Once downloaded to your computer, you will find:

-Full album
-Official charts of our sessions
-Videos I made while working on the album
-Exclusive pictures
-The full clinic set of play along tracks (England Green, Stevenage, Up There, Amelia & Fruits and Fibre)
-Booklet with linernotes, quotes, transcriptions and excercices
For only 12,50 its yours and the money will be used as crowdfunding of my next soloalbum:
Not This Time