donderdag 24 juli 2008

Uturn- Album update!

For over the last 2,5 years(but could be more), I've been working hard to get a new ' solo' project out on CD.
It's been taking a lot of time due to the amount of guests appearing on the tunes, and my personal situation changing back and forth a whole lot. Hence the title of the CD.
Most of those changes were positive though (at least at the end).
I kept recording new tunes and ideas along this peculiar ride and ended up with enough tunes for more than one album. But that's good, coz this will maybe be a start for whatever comes after the release. The idea was to compile a bunch of compositions that showed a bit of a different side of me, compared to my previous releases. Secretly I believe I succeeded a little; because it's far more produced, more groove orientated at times, layered with loops, fills and effects etc.
I enjoyed using a variety in sounds, like the instrumentation I have at the studio and the use of brush-playing and the digitally edited rhythms and waveforms.
The other musicians helped making this possible and gave the songs it's final shape. Each one of those amazing players added something truely special. I feel very lucky to have them all on board.

Uturn features:

Gerard Presencer - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Scott Kinsey - keys
Gary Husband - keys
Steve Hunt - keys
Susan Weinert - guitar
Leonardo Amuedo - guitar
Richard Hallebeek - guitar
Alex Machacek - guitar
Mike Outram - Guitar
Frans Vollink - bass
Johnny Copland - bass
Jimmy Earl - bass
Gary Willis - bass
Tom Kennedy - bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums, guitar, loops/samples and additional keyboard parts

More news and details will follow soon!