woensdag 1 mei 2013

Help sponsor my upcoming release 'Not This Time'!
Evan Marien, Nigel Hitchcock, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont, Rob van Bavel, Frans Vollink, Randy Brecker a.o.

Special limited offer:

Direct download: 10 albums (almost my complete fusion discography!)

1. Isotope
2. Isotope - Perception of the Beholder
3. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Aggressive Attack
4. RHP
5. One Spirit
6. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - Uturn
7. One Spirit - Go For It!
8. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - On Impulse
9. Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group
10. On Impulse (Vollink, Molenaar, Cornelissen)

On top of this, you'll receive a copy of the album in the works ├índ a chance to win one of the cymbals used on 'Not  This Time'.

Buy now for only $55,-