maandag 16 januari 2012

New material available for educational use!

Hi Everybody!

I've been working hard on new material since the release of my most recent album 'On Impulse'.
The idea was to create music together with video, which could be more than just a composition to listen to.
A lot of the people who are interested in my music are musicians themselves, so I thought it could be a cool thing to have some new songs available on my website that you can listen to, but also play along to yourself!

On a regular basis there will be new uploads here. Each song you download comes with a variety of minus-ones, charts to help you on your way, plus a video of the band during the recording session(s).

The first song is called 'Oddfellows'(S.Cornelissen)
Recorded @ studio 27333, Germany
Coen Molenaar - keys
Frans Vollink - bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums

After your purchase, you will receive a download link that features:

-mp3 of the complete mix as we recorded it.
-minus-one mp3's (for drummers, bassists, harmony instruments)
-a pdf with basic chart with melody/accents/chords
 exercises and explanations
-video of the session (multiple cams)

  Odds snippet by sanchez cornelissen