woensdag 23 januari 2013

Exciting news!

I'm currently working on a new solo album!
It features some of the hippest guys on the planet right now.
Nigel Hitchcock, Evan Marien, Richard Hallebeek, Frans Vollink, just to name a few.

I would like to take this opportunity to do a couple things really different for this production.

Most of my albums did great and sold worldwide, even with very little promotion by the record companies I was involved with.
Not to say I'm blaming them; it's always a risk to invest in the less commercial type of music.
But there is definitely a market and demand for the type of music I'm into.

The album will be entitled: 'Not This Time' and it will be a test for me to see if I can do the whole release and promotion part on my own, ánd more intensely.

To be able to do this, I will need your help!

To print and promote we need money obviously, so I have a list of options you could choose from if you want to be part of this release;-)

1. pre-order the CD, for only $15+
-you will be amongst the 1st to receive your signed copy

2. pre-order plus, $25+
-you will receive your signed copy, including a bonus track, extra background information per track and you will be able to download pictures and a clip of 1 of the sessions.

3. pre-order and invest, 50+
- you will receive your signed copy & all of the above, but also regular updates on the project with tasters in mp3 and video of the tracks I'm working on.

4. pre-order and invest plus, $100+

-signed copy of 'Not This Time'
-digitally download all my previous solo albums: Aggressive Attack, Timeline, Uturn, Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group, On Impulse
-video footage of all tracks on the new album
-minus one's (all instruments) of every track including charts and suggestions

Everybody who joins me in this 'adventure' by doing 1 of the above will automatically enter a mini-contest and get a chance to win a signed cymbal I've recorded with on the album.
Pretty cool I'd say!?

There will be updates on this project rather soon!:)