donderdag 14 oktober 2010

On Impulse podcast nr. 2!

here's another little podcast about the title track of the up coming cd, On Impulse..
Hoping you appreciate the effort, lol. This one features Randy Brecker, amongst others.

  Pod2(2) by sanchez cornelissen

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

On Impulse - podcasts

Below you can listen to the first of a few podcasts I made where I talk about how some of the music on my up coming 3rd solo album 'On Impulse' came together.

This 1st one is about the composition 'Details' which features:
Francesco Cottone - vocals
Oscar Schulze - vibraphone
Evan Marien - bass
Seb Cornelissen - drums, git and everything else.

  Details podcast by sanchez cornelissen