woensdag 27 juli 2011

Teaching Aalsmeer & TuneUp(Haarlem)

Dear all,
As from now, I'll be able to take on new students again in the area of Amsterdam (Aalsmeer).
For those who are interested, you can send me a mail on sebastiaancornelissen@gmail.com to set up a schedule for private lessons or if you'd like to know further details.

I'm also starting my lessons @ 'TuneUp', a really nice school based in Haarlem.
We're currently setting op my schedule there and there are still spaces for extra students, so get in touch with them if you're up for this.

Check their website for more info: www.tuneup.nl

donderdag 7 juli 2011

DK Drumworks

Below a nice vid in HD of me playing my new DK Drumworks kit.
A great piece of art by Kris Demey.
I play an 18x18 kick
10x7 tom, 14x11 floor
13x6,5 snare
These 'alpha' series European Hickory DK-shells sound absolutely killer.
Also thanks to the woodhoops and satinoil woodfinish, it looks stunning too.
Best kit ever:)

A couple pictures Kris made while working on the set: