vrijdag 12 augustus 2016

New album "Recorderman", available October 1st 2016!
Feat. Marc Guillermont, Ray Russell, Anton Davidyants a.o.

zaterdag 30 april 2016

Brand new album available 1st of May 2016! "Spirit vs. Origin"

"Spirit vs. Origin"

Order and listen here!

During the whole process of making this album, I've tried to do things a little bit different compared to my previous releases.
I've done quite a few and every project has been quite a long term adventure, coming across so many problems, delays, set-backs and all other issues you can think of. That's all rather normal and 'no biggy' because it is part of the game.

But just as a personal statement, I set a goal for myself a few months ago to decide on a deadline and without looking back, doing the impossible. 1st of May 2016, no matter what… and without rushing just to finish a tune. I feel I gave it my very best, and I'm actually really proud of how it turned out!

I was brought up listening to albums (vinyl and cassette tapes at the time), in a time where artists and bands didn't release 15-track records, due to the available space on the LP, I guess. But I enjoyed those a lot. Having tunes on there where you could kind of feel they had to choose the best ones. In this case, there are loads more compositions on my laptop. Because of the deadline, it was important to pick out the ones that were gonna work out the way they were meant to be.
But I did not do that alone. The contributions by Anton Davidyants, Martin Miller, Ray Russell and Gary Husband have been so helpful, inspiring, amazing and meaningful for the project! Can't thank them enough!

The title "Spirit vs. Origin" was inspired by this amazing new microphone company called Aston. They sent me a few mics before I got started with this project. I got blown away by the sound and many of the tracks on the album actually emerged out of experiments with the 2 models.  I would make a loop out of recording the weirdest things and one thing would lead to another every time.
I sincerely hope you will appreciate my efforts and, well, meet you at the next deadline?


Big thanks to Hoshino Benelux (Jeroen Bakx), Sonic Distributions (James Young), Tama drums, Evans drumheads, Promark Sticks, Zildjian, Focusrite, my loving family, Rania Mebarki, Peter Huppertz, Helge Rudolph, Steve Lukather and  the Tristan-brothers & sister of course.

Dedicated to my most wonderful two sons Caspar Tristan & Lewis.

zondag 18 oktober 2015

Not This Time - full album as play-along practice material!

"Not This Time" is now also available for drummers to play along to.
I've prepared the complete album track-list as minus-ones together with easy to read charts.

In case you have already purchased the album, the minus one package costs only  15,-
If you wish to buy the origional album + the minus one package, it comes to  €25,-

Just send an email to: sebastiaancornelissen@gmail.com

vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

Not This Time is out now!

My brand new solo album Not This Time is now available for download on sebastiaancornelissen.bandcamp.com

Check out this promotional clip we made:

'Not This Time' details:
01. Club Fusion
02. Potnoodled
03. Canvas
04. Locomote Home
05. Comunicorn
06. Life After 5
07. Not This Time
08. Lewis
09. The Undercurrent
10. Young Brothers
11. Jip Jap
12. Snippets

Randy Brecker - flugelhorn (11)
Martin Gort - percussion (4,11)
Marc Guillermont - guitar solo (3)
Richard Hallebeek - guitar (1,4,7,12)
Nigel Hitchcock - sax (8)
Jan Kooper - bassclarinet (9)
Evan Marien - bass (2,8,10,6,11)
Catalin Milea - woodwinds (12)
Coen Molenaar - keys (7,12)
Oscar Schulze - vibes/percussion (9)
Rob van Bavel - grand piano (6)
Frans Vollink - bass (1,4,5,7,12)
Itai Weissman - ewi (6)


released 01 October 2015

Written, produced, recorded & mixed by Sebastiaan Cornelissen @ studio 2733

woensdag 3 juni 2015

minus ones Tristan/On Impulse

Here's a list of play-alongs I got available for you if you'd 

to practice your drumming skills to the music of Tristan, On Impulse or my solo albums. These are good quality recordings with players from all over the world participating. for 18 euros you're good to go and will receive a download link asap by mail:) Spread the word if you like!
The zipped files include videos of the studio sessions plus charts and exercises.
So I assure you this is well worth the money!
Just PM/mail me @ sebastiaancornelissen@gmail.com

woensdag 10 december 2014

On Impulse promo-tour ' Dernier Cru'

There's a new album out by the trio I'm in, On Impulse,..It's called Dernier Cru!
We're doing a whole promo-tour starting this Saturday in Belgium, so if you're close; Don't miss out!

On Impulse is:
Coen Molenaar - keys
Frans Vollink - bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums

Special guest: Nigel Hitchcock - sax

maandag 11 augustus 2014

fresh practice material for drummers!

Dear all,

I have just completed another download package for drummers who would like to practice their skills with one of my tunes. The song is called 'Locomote Home' and features Richard Hallebeek on guitar, Martin Gort on percussion, Frans Vollink on bass and myself on drums/guitars and keys.

This download package contains:

-full song in Wav and mp3
-chart for drummers
-the drum-mix in solo
-bass, guitar comping 7 percussion to play along to
-percussion only
-the video file of me tracking this in my studio

and of course the complete backing track minus drums

Listen to a snippet of all this here: